Magnetic Flux Axing Might Be Rooting Huge Plasma Spicules Across The Sun

Magnetic Flux Axing Might Be Rooting Huge Plasma Spicules Across The Sun

Sun is found to be burning and the hottest star in the Milky Way. The researchers have found that Sun’s visible surface, that is, photosphere, burns 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit but they are in constant study to discover a technology that passes through the electric bursts of solar wind and also survives the massive plasma tsunamis that go berserk across the star’s surface for weeks at a time. The plasma tsunamis can be avoided at the chromosphere, which is the layer connecting the surface to the outer atmosphere, corona. There are ample of plasma spears known as spicules taking place at the corona. The spicules are long black streaks rising from the surface for few minutes before disappearing.

The streaks are long and can stand up to 1,860–6,200 Miles over the Sun’s surface. They travel at 90,00 Mph from the photosphere to the corona and usually ebb within 10 Minutes. The study published in the journal Science explains the function and source of spicules using magnetic field interactions-related observations of the Sun’s surface. The annihilation of the magnetic field arising from the star’s surface is found to form the streaks. The new study shows that the cancellation of flux at the lower atmosphere is found to provide more energy to heat the upper atmosphere. The twisting of magnetic fields on the Sun causes release of gusts of plasma and energy. The Goode Solar Telescope at the Big Bear Solar Observatory and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite have spotted the spicule formation. The spicules may be a crucial cog in the gargantuan solar heating machine.

Similarly, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and defense technology company Northrop Grumman have declared that they plan to spend $100 Million to make the hardware called the Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstrations and Research (SSPIDR) project. This project focuses on wireless power transmission. The device will help beam power when and where required. The idea of space solar panels is excellent as they are in the constant presence of sunlight and the weather will also not pose any problem henceforth. Thus, in the future, the Sun will become the sole source of energy.

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