Unification With Mediaset Would Not Work, Says ProSieben

Unification With Mediaset Would Not Work, Says ProSieben

ProSiebenSat.1, a German firm engaged in broadcasting, is more agog for partnerships in digital growth areas than in full-fledged collaborations, stated the firm’s Chief Executive Max Conze. At present, due to competition from diverse streaming giants from the U.S. including Netflix, European TV firms are finding it difficult to hold their customers. Moreover, the addition of the latest services such as Disney+ is expected to impact the ad revenues, which is the key part of their income.

However, Conze stated, cross-border unifications are not the correct way to deal with this situation. While talking at the Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Conze stated, “I worry that if one spends their time in collaborating with pretty unwieldy and huge firms, they are going to get sucked into years of structural work that does not really construct the future.”

The family of Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi manages Mediaset at present. After completing the purchase of approximately 5.5% shares through Mediaset Espana, its Spanish unit, now Mediaset holds about 15.1% shares of ProSieben. The sources with knowledge of the topic stated that the firm might plan to purchase additional shares in ProSieben. However, Chief Financial Officer Marco Giordani stated that the company is not interested in a total acquisition.

On a similar note, according to the results of a court case filed by Disney in December 2017, Redox will not be able to resell the digital download codes of Disney movies. While Redbox holds agreements with diverse film distribution firms such as Warner Brothers, these agreements allow Redbox to rent out the discs to its customers. But as Redbox has no agreements with Disney to rent out Disney films, it was compelled to buy Disney movies. Generally, Disney’s Blu-rays and DVDs are accompanied by digital download codes. However, the firm filed a case against Redbox and noted that it was selling those download codes at lower prices than other download retailers such as iTunes.

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