Officials Find Airport And Coffee Shops To Be The New Source Of Malware

Officials Find Airport And Coffee Shops To Be The New Source Of Malware

The online hackers are turning out to be the biggest threat that anyone could have imagined as they are able to steal so much money and data through their coding without one’s knowledge. The authorities have thus come forward to the rescue of the people by creating awareness among the security officials. The USB charging outlets that are made available at the airports and coffee shops are found to be under the threat of malware created by hackers. The juice jacking is the term given to the emerging threat by the officials. The phones are being infected with the malware and all the information is extracted using these outlets.

The hackers just require seconds to gain access to all the vital information in the phones and use private information for their selfish needs. The people charging phones at the airports and coffee shops are found to be vulnerable to such kind of threats. Thus, everyone using phones are advised to keep their software up-to-date for keeping such kind of threats at bay. A wall outlet is the best way to keep the phone safe and also using one’s own portable charger. The officials also advise people to avoid purchasing the chargers from unreliable sources.

In a similar context, Facebook’s WhatsApp has recently been found to be attacked by a new bug in the system that permits hackers to gain access to the phone’s data through a malicious video file. The specially crafted MP4 file is found to trigger a stack-based buffer overflow in WhatsApp. Facebook has filed a case against an Israeli cyber surveillance firm, NSO, as a new kind of cyberattack involving a vulnerability in the video-calling feature has been detected. NSO Group’s flagship software named Pegasus is found to control and collect information from target mobile devices. Thus, Whatsapp is now more alert and is advising people to not take unknown video calls.

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