A Planet With Eternal Night And Air As Hot As Lava Discovered By NASA

A Planet With Eternal Night And Air As Hot As Lava Discovered By NASA

A few astounding particulars are been released about exoplanet horrors by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA. An extrasolar or exoplanet planet is one that lies beyond our Solar System. The darkest recognized exoplanet discovered in 2011 is the extrasolar planet TrEs-2b, reflecting less than 1% of any light that strikes it. The US space agency, in a blog post, said, “TrEs-2b is one with everlasting darkness. This alien world—the darkest planet ever found revolving around a star—is less reflective compared to coal. Within its atmosphere, one would be soaring sightless in the dark. A few researchers deem a strange deep red glow would emit from its smoldering atmosphere. The planet’s air is as hot as lava.”

One more stunning NASA research discovered a real-life “Twilight Zone” wherein “one side is in everlasting darkness,” whereas “the other one is in blinding heat”. NASA, in a blog post, said, “Picture a boundless ocean of sweltering lava. That is the complete surface of 55 Cancri e.” It is an exoplanet within the orbit of 55 Cancri A, its Sun-like host star. The blog further mentioned, “One can be fooled by the radiant skies over. Those clouds are loaded with silicate particles that would be lethal to inhale. This tidally locked planet’s one side is in long-lasting darkness, while the other is in blinding heat. Darkness remains in the Twilight Zone where the 2 sides get together.”

Likewise, another extrasolar planet, PSR B1257+12 c, alias Poltergeist, is situated roughly 2,300 light-years far-off in the constellation of Virgo. The US space agency said, “These ill-fated worlds were among the foremost and spine-chilling to be found as they revolve around an undead star called a pulsar. Pulsar planets such as Poltergeist and its next-door worlds, Draugr and Phobetor, are devoured with continuous radiation from the core of the star.”

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