A Single Dose Of Antibody Treatment Can Stop Peanut Allergy For 6 Week

A Single Dose Of Antibody Treatment Can Stop Peanut Allergy For 6 Week

Individuals with a strong allergy to peanuts will be able to consume the food that contains peanuts just 2 Weeks after going through an antibody treatment, the latest research says. This study accessible in the journal JCI Insight states that the new treatment has no side effects and can be employed as a quick, secure, and efficient method to treat food allergy. About 32 Million population in America is currently dealing with food allergy issues. The only available method for treating this condition is oral immunotherapy. While this therapy might need a period of 6 Months or 1 Year to show its effect, there is a possibility of patients facing critical health conditions during this process.

In recent research, about 14 adult volunteers with a strong allergy to peanuts were offered a single antibody dose. Moreover, another group of patients with legume allergy was treated with a placebo injection. The results of this research showed that within only 15 Days from getting antibody injections, approximately 73% of recipients had developed tolerance to eat approximately 275-mg peanut proteins—which is equal to the protein present in a single peanut—under the supervision of doctors. On the contrary, all the 5 volunteers receiving placebo were not able to develop tolerance to proteins. This test was repeated in the 7 volunteers from the 1st group and all volunteers from the placebo group. The results demonstrated that 4 participants from the 1st group showed protein tolerance, while none from the 2nd group could offer positive protein tolerance results.

On a similar note, a recent study highlighted fewer instances of asthma and allergies in kids up to the age of 18 Years who were offered to breastfeed and who were born via vaginal delivery. This study accessed approximately 158,422 kids to comprehend the influence of feeding practice and the method of birth on children.

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