Study Offers Prospect To Gauge Baby’s Blood Oxygen Levels Using Tiny Device

Study Offers Prospect To Gauge Baby

A band-aid sized sensor to gauge the blood oxygen levels of babies is under development by the scientists at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Using the latest tool, it will be easy to ensure if the sufficient oxygen supply is received by the baby’s tissue, which signifies the proper functioning of the lungs. In contrast to presently employed tools, the latest is a low-cost, wireless, and movable device that offers hospitals flexibility and stretchability. Moreover, the implementation of this latest technology will probably aid in remote patient monitoring, thereby allowing them to depart from hospitals as early as possible.

The Project Head Ulkuhan Guler stated, “Extended hospital stays can be stressful for families and are expensive. And studies have demonstrated improvement in the health of the babies when they are surrounded by their family members. Our motive with this inexpensive, portable device is to offer doctors more flexibility in supervising their patients both at home and in the hospital.” Moreover, a wireless power transfer will be employed by the latest device. It will also have a facility to wirelessly connect with the Internet, which can alarm doctors, health personals, and family members if the oxygen level of a baby starts dropping.

On a similar note, approximately two-thirds of babies and about 98% of kids consume added sugars in their regular diets, highlights the latest study of recently published national data. The American Heart Association disallows the consumption of added sugars to the kids with age less than 2 Years. The Lead Researcher Kirsten Herrick stated, “The added sugars consumption among kids has been linked to harmful health issues including asthma, cavities, high blood pressure, obesity, and changed lipid profiles. There is a need to study if these links are present in even younger kids. The motive of this research was to aim at one aspect of diet—added sugars [and] use among the U.S. babies and children—that could update the dietary guidelines.”

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